New worlds of opportunities await South African women

Women’s Month is about celebrating the strength of South Africa’s women who have risen in the face of constant adversity and who continue to thrive despite the norms that they have had to endure.

We looked back to the light-years we’ve travelled between #thenandnow and see nothing besides infinite worlds of possibilities that lie ahead.


From passing the breakfast test to empowering oneself #thenandnow

Women’s empowerment has been globally prioritised along with the rise of social media platforms since the early 2010s, promoting women’s value, power, self-determination, and self-worth.

Recently, a brief reminder of #then caught the attention of millions as a viral video was shared of a 1945 magazine providing advice on how to ‘keep’ a husband. It detailed the giant leap for womankind as it advised women from nearly 80 years ago to be mindful of their laughter because “a horse laugh is best left to the ponies” and “be sure you pass the breakfast table test — he may be comparing you with the slick chicks he works with at the office”.


From maintaining households to championing industries

Women are making strides in male-dominated industries in South Africa, whether it be engineering, business, agriculture, law enforcement or the property sector. The #thenandnow of women’s contribution to our society and the workplace is astronomical.


Skyrocketing homeowners #thenandnow

Women are South Africa’s top property buyers, with single South African women making the bulk of it in the last five years. Generations of women have struggled to own the invaluable asset of property. However, the trend of women homeowners, whether single or married, is only blasting off.

Rocket Properties continues to pursue new frontiers for women, to be part of the change, and to empower women in the property market as buyers, sellers, renters, industry professionals, and beyond.