We are ready to rock-et your world and put more $$$ in your pocket!

Rocket Properties has turned the preconception of what a real estate agency should be on its head and put the focus back on the people and the journey. A testament to this is that we have decided that the new frontier should be more money in the Property Sellers’ and Landlords’ pockets.

Hold on a moon-ute. How will we do that? We’re glad you asked.


Price Freeze:

Rocket Properties is now offering a fixed seller’s commission starting at R30k for properties selling below R1m, based on a sliding scale with a commission cap at R70k for properties R4m and above. No more 5-7% asked by the expensive high street sales agency and more $$$ in your pocket!

For example based on 7%:

  • On a property selling at R2m our fixed commission will be R40 000 which means you SAVE R96 500
  • On a property selling at R3m our fixed commission will be R50 000 which means you SAVE R153 500
  • On a property selling at R6m our fixed commission will be R70 000 which means you SAVE R350 000


Get the assurance you deserve that your property is being looked after:

Rocket Properties is offering a fixed 8% monthly rental commission which will include two (2) FREE property photo inspections for every 12-month contract concluded. Property inspections will assure you that your rental property is being looked after by your tenant…and if not, we will be the first to let you know!


Refer a friend and get some cash straight to your pocket:

Sales referral: We will pay you a sales referral fee up to R1,500, based on a sliding scale, if you refer a friend and we land the deal.

Rental referral: We will give you R500 for every referral of a Landlord or a Tenant which results in the conclusion of a 12-month lease agreement.


Oh! And there is one more thing.

Rocket gives back! We will give 5% of our fixed commission fee earned to a registered charity of your choice in the Helderberg area.