What to expect from the property market in 2023

To remedy your anxiety over conflicting information about property in 2023, just follow the loadshedding schedules for a week. Now that’s fluctuation!

On a more serious note…

It is imperative to remind yourself as a property owner of the fundamentals during turbulent times. “Buy low and sell high” – just like Eskom when they buy coal…

If you have decided to sell make sure you have a plan for your money, make sure to reinvest whatever you can immediately – or rather stay invested in your property until the volatility has subsided. Remember again that if your property value has dipped you only lose if you actually sell. If you must sell then make sure you are using a trusted and experienced broker to get you the best value in the best time.

If you’re a buyer then you have a great opportunity to invest during current market conditions as there are bargains out there. Remember to buy because of the property fundamentals of the opportunity and not only because of price.

Eskom will eventually get it right ( we hope ) and many of the challenges in the country will be dealt with. The key is not to make snap decisions when it comes to property. This too shall pass.