Is It A Sole Mandate Or Is It A Soul Mandate

We know that your life has gone into your property.

We know that this is your primary asset and it needs to work for you, and sometimes you need to sell quicker than you would normally want to. Life happens. Just ask Lindiwe Sisulu who may now have to sell her house in a hurry!

The difference between a sole mandate and a joint mandate is clear, i.e. either 1 agency markets your property exclusively or it is marketed by 2 or more agencies. We are not in this business to collect mandates. We are in this business to sell homes and other hard earned properties. Whether we have a sole mandate or we share a mandate with another agency will not affect how hard we work to sell your property. What we might suggest is that if you are looking for 1 line of communication, 1 line of responsibility, and a discreet and focused effort then a sole mandate with a trusted partner is a good call. Otherwise an open or joint mandate will suffice.

Some agencies will push hard for a sole mandate, suggesting greater budgets on adspend, more resources will be utilised, show houses and so on. When we discuss your property with you we will come up with the best strategy to sell your property given YOUR unique circumstances and your needs. We will not inflate the asking price purely to get a sole mandate and we will not use your property to sell other properties on sole mandate. We listen carefully to you and we execute on that mandate either way.