Price Right, Win the Fight

Price right, win the fight: Why overpricing is your home’s worst enemy

Don’t mistake the real market value of your house with the price you hope to get, or the value provided by an overzealous agency looking for sole mandates. Realism and rationalism is what is needed. Don’t sit on your property waiting like the bok fans are waiting for Manie to slot a kick. Give yourself the best opportunity to move your property so that you can execute on your plans lying ahead. If your house is not selling its not because of Stalingrad stalling tactics and it’s not because there’s illegal arms being stashed in the basement. Every house has a price that will find a buyer.


Don’t inflate your prime asset, and no we’re not referring to Kim Kardashian’s version of that. Your property will gather dust and be used as a loss leader to sell other, more realistically priced houses. Not only will it scare away potential buyers, but it’ll also stretch out the time it takes to land that sweet sale.

Think of it as taking the scenic route to success – not the best plan, huh?

Most folks kick off their house hunt online, and if your price exceeds its value, it won’t even feature in the search, and your house will end up playing the waiting game on the market, like that guy who’s always fashionably late to the party. Capeesh?

Now, let’s talk about the current buyer buffet. There’s a smorgasbord of options out there, and buyers are like those picky kids at the candy store, comparing every little detail. If your price tag is sky-high while others are dancing in a reasonable range, guess who’s gonna get picked last for the team? Yep, you guessed it – your overpriced gem.

So, brace yourselves for the golden rule, my property warriors: start with the right price, and you’ll win this battle. Listen up, sellers! It’s time to put on your market goggles and see the reality of today’s market conditions. Trust your local real estate sage, and let’s make that sale a smoother ride! Don’t go all Lady R on us!

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