Price Right, Win the Fight

Price right, win the fight: Why overpricing is your home’s worst enemy Don’t mistake the real market value of your house with the price you hope to get, or the value provided by an overzealous agency looking for sole mandates. Realism and rationalism is what is needed. Don’t sit on your property waiting like the […]

Is It A Sole Mandate Or Is It A Soul Mandate

We know that your life has gone into your property. We know that this is your primary asset and it needs to work for you, and sometimes you need to sell quicker than you would normally want to. Life happens. Just ask Lindiwe Sisulu who may now have to sell her house in a hurry! […]

What to expect from the property market in 2023

To remedy your anxiety over conflicting information about property in 2023, just follow the loadshedding schedules for a week. Now that’s fluctuation! On a more serious note… It is imperative to remind yourself as a property owner of the fundamentals during turbulent times. “Buy low and sell high” – just like Eskom when they buy […]

New worlds of opportunities await South African women

Women’s Month is about celebrating the strength of South Africa’s women who have risen in the face of constant adversity and who continue to thrive despite the norms that they have had to endure. We looked back to the light-years we’ve travelled between #thenandnow and see nothing besides infinite worlds of possibilities that lie ahead. […]

We are ready to rock-et your world and put more $$$ in your pocket!

Rocket Properties has turned the preconception of what a real estate agency should be on its head and put the focus back on the people and the journey. A testament to this is that we have decided that the new frontier should be more money in the Property Sellers’ and Landlords’ pockets. Hold on a […]

Property Prices Sky-rocket as Semigration to the Western Cape Reaches New Highs

Are you sitting all cosy and snuggled up, watching the winter winds blow in from the oceans across the Western Cape coastline, thinking about how change is a natural part of life? Not? Well, you’re about to. Homeowners often make the mistake of seeing the ownership of real estate as the end of the journey, […]